Volunteers are the life-blood of any non-profit organization or event and our Conference and Family History Show is no exception.

“Check-In” Volunteers

As registered attendees arrive, we need assistance at the check-in desks to help keep things running smoothly. This could involve as little as a couple of hours or up to a whole day, depending upon your availability.

“Session Host” Volunteers

If you are attending Conference, perhaps you would like to be a session host for a lecture you are already planning to attend. This simply involves reading from a script at the beginning of a lecture to introduce the speaker, and possibly saying a few words about the session sponsor if there is one. At the conclusion of a class, you would thank the speaker for their helpful and informative talk.

“May I Help You?” Volunteers

One of the most visible volunteer tasks, and most sorely missed if not present, is the simple job of directing people to their destinations, or answering questions about where to eat, where to get other assistance, or the location of facilities. We need friendly, helpful people who are able to stand or walk for periods of time to act as walking information booths.

Learn More

Do you feel up to helping us with any of these tasks? Perhaps you know a high-school student who is short of their volunteer hours?

To learn more, or to volunteer your time, please email Roberta at volunteers.conference2019@ogs.on.ca