$25 Strawberry Tea

$8 – 1 hr Tour

$10 – 2 hr Tour

Maximum capacity: 40

Eldon House offers a variety of guided tours, or the very popular strawberry tea or garden tours in the summer months. Eldon House is a museum featuring 19th century period mansion and gardens. The Eldon House Interpretation centre is located on 481 Ridout Street, London, Ontario, Canada. The Eldon House and lands are known collectively as Harris Park. This historic Georgian property was built in 1834, originally on 11 acres (45,000 sq m) of land. The heritage property, its grounds and collections were given to the city of London by the Harris family as a museum in 1959 and now form a heritage site. Eldon House is the former residence of the prominent Harris Family and oldest surviving such building in London. (Wikipedia)

Contact: info@eldonhouse.ca Tel: 519-661-5169