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The Expanding World of Digital Newspapers: Where are We in 2019?

New types of digitized records may not be appearing as frequently as they once did, but many of what could now be called “traditional” online records are reaching critical mass and have become as essential to family history research as paper records still are. One of the most important of these is digital newspapers. Newspapers have always been a major source for genealogists, but are even more so now as they become easily available online. What is even more important for researchers is that now not only U.S., Canadian and British newspapers are widely available online (with some caveats for Canada), but other countries, which were important to our ancestors as they worked or emigrated there, are now becoming available: countries such as South Africa, Rhodesia, India, Singapore, Bermuda, Australia and New Zealand—all once British colonies—now have historical digitized newspapers available. A wide range of newspaper sites will be covered in this lecture with emphasis on countries that are likely to have direct relevance to Canadian researchers. There will also be discussion of how to find digital newspaper sources online using search engines and portals. Various ways of viewing digital newspapers will also be discussed, including the Revgenea app, which won the RootsTech 2017 Innovator Showdown.