1. When did you first start working on your family history?

I first got infected with the genealogy virus in the early 1980 while visiting an Aunt in Calgary.  She was the family historian and showed me all the info she had collected. It stayed dormant until after my daughter was born in 2000.  I thought it was important for her to know her history.

2. What was your most surprising discovery?

My most surprising discovery is that my father is 7th cousin to Patrick Swayze making me his 7th cousin once removed.

3. Have you done a DNA test? Were there any surprises about countries of origins?

I did mine and my daughter’s DNA and it actually served to confirm some of the family folklore about our heritage.

4. What is the brick wall you would most like to break down in your family history?

My most frustrating brick wall is trying to get past my paternal grandmother’s father. Do you know how many Charles Whites were born in England in 1888?  Lots!!

5. What is your favourite part of researching your family history?

Obviously I get most excited when I find handwriting belonging to an ancestor.  I am then able to assess their personality and character and get to know them.

Speaker Spotlight: Carol St Clair