1. When did you first start working on your family history?

I first started around 1980, when my Oma (Granny) came to live with us and started telling me stories of the family. 

2. What was your most surprising discovery?

The fact that my Grandfather was not the eldest child, but that his younger sister was actually four years older than him and was born out of wedlock. On her birth certificate is a long explanation signed by my Great Grandfather accepting her as his daughter. (We have been unable to prove whether or not she is biologically connected.)

3. Have you done a DNA test? Were there any surprises about countries of origins?

Yes, I have done a DNA test, my surprise was England – a whole 8.5%! I never thought I would have that in my wildest dreams.

4. What is the brick wall you would most like to break down in your family history?

Most definitely the Kujawa’s – what a stubborn stubborn lot they are! I have my great-grandfathers birth record and his mothers death certificate. Finding anything else has been really hard…

5. What is your favourite part of researching your family history?

Oh, I just love it all! I love the hunting, searching, thinking outside the box, following up on leads and chasing the records.  Finding the pots of gold at the end of the various research rainbows is what I am trying to find.

Speaker Spotlight: Eva Kujawa