1. When did you first start working on your family history?

My mother passed away in London, Ontario in January 1967 when I was 11 years old. In August 1979 I discovered her old genealogy files and a personal history she wrote in long hand about growing up in England during the war. Earlier that year I had already cut my teeth on searching census records so this was a wonderful discovery to extend my ancestral lines, even if just a little.

2. What was your most surprising discovery?

Probably my most surprising discovery was learning I had a Loyalist ancestor who fought with Butler’s Rangers.

3. Have you done a DNA test? Were there any surprises about countries of origins?

I have done four DNA tests, and there really aren’t any surprises learned from them.

4. What is the brick wall you would most like to break down in your family history?

The brick wall I would like to break down is finding the parentage of David Mitchell (1806-1854), one of my third great grandfathers. He died near Caledonia, Ontario but I don’t know where he was born or who his parents were.

5. What is your favourite part of researching your family history?

I love to find old photos and documents about my ancestors, and when I can’t extend my lines further into the past, my passion is to research all I can about their descendants so I can branch out and connect with distant cousins.

Speaker Spotlight: Stephen Young