Speaker Spotlight: David Allen Lambert

Our first featured speaker to tell us about all things family history based is our Keynote speaker, David Allen Lambert!

1.When did you first start working on your family history?

I was seven years old when I began my interest in genealogy.  A tintype photo fell out of a genealogy book at home and I asked my grandmother who it was.  She said it was her father – this was when my adventure began!

2. What was your most surprising discovery?

In over 40 years I have had some amazing discoveries. However, recently I discovered that a local archive had three 18th century military commissions for my 4x great-grandfather from the French & Indian War, and the Revolutionary War.

3. Have you done a DNA test? Were there any surprises about countries of origins?

I have been tested by all of the companies, including some no longer in business. My surname hails my 4x great-grandfather John Lambert with an undetermined origin in 18th century Ireland. My best match on my Y-DNA with however we match 20 generations ago! Some of my early results have given me matches that are now geographically are refined.  So some countries of origins I learned two years ago via DNA companies, have surprisingly disappeared geographically in my DNA results as of late.   

4. What is the brick wall you would most like to break down in your family history? 

I would like very much to find what happened to my paternal grandfather James Albert George Lambert (b. 17 April 1887, St. Pierre Island, France) who grew up in NF, NS, and NB.  He immigrated with his family in 1923 to Boston, and disappeared from any trace in the 1950’s.

5. What is your favourite part of researching your family history? 

The chance to share my stories with family members. I also have been working at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, for the past 25 years as their Chief Genealogist.  What I have learned in over 40 years is applied to assist over 250,000 constituents who visit or contact us worldwide.

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Speaker Spotlight: David Allen Lambert