Lianne Kruger – Red Deer, Alberta

I began doing genealogy as a teenager each Saturday at the LDS FHL where my mother volunteered in the early 1970s. She sat me down in front of a Microfilm reader, loaded it up, put a list of names beside me and left me there for the day, rolling through a film. My next encounter was in college when I sent my paternal grandmother a letter asking for her family information. She gave me the name and birthdates of her 15 siblings, her parents’ names, and their marriage date. I did not do much until I was married and living in Edmonton in the mid-1980s. At this point I researched my paternal line in Quebec back to the first white land owner of Canada. I have taken courses at BYU for researching in Irish and American, as well as Latin, writing life histories, and understanding important documents.

Having finished my Quebec line, my next genealogical research was Denmark which I researched using the then text based Internet through List Servers. I taught Family History and PAF for five years at the Ogden Institute of Religion in Ogden, Utah (2000-2005). I have taught computer software courses since 1982 for a variety of colleges and universities. I currently teach at Red Deer College. My goal while teaching is to make computer software learning fun and relaxing. I have two blogs with computer instruction posts. I show people what they can accomplish on the computer easily and quickly.

My family history blog is iFamilyHistory.blogspot.ca. I share technical instructions on a variety of subjects to help others with software and my thoughts on preserving your family history. I also have posts talking about what I am doing and sessions I teach. I have a second blog for my computer software instruction that is not related to genealogy or family history. The posts illustrate my computer knowledge. ComputareCitus.blogspot.ca I speak at educational conferences on Google and Microsoft software products to teachers, support staff, librarians and administration.

I have written a few articles including for BYU Studies Quarterly magazine and LDSTech, Relatively Speaking, Red Deer Advocate, and Tree Climber. I am currently writing my mother-in-law’s South African family history back to the 1600s. I have written an MS Excel book and I am just finished up my second. Currently, I am First Vice President of Alberta Genealogical Society, which position I have held for the last four years. A couple of my duties are to oversee the website and social media. I do the following social media platforms for @abgeneaIogy: Twitter, Pinterest and FamilySearch wiki. I have been president and past president of Red Deer Branch of AGS (2010 – 2014). I was editor of the Red Deer Tree Climber newsletter (April 2011 – June 2014).

Lianne Kruger – Red Deer, Alberta